Guestroom Infomation

The Hotel Sunlife Garden provides our guests rooms that guarantee total relaxation.
Special rooms are offered to wedding couples so that they can relax as much as possible on their wedding day.
These rooms can be used until 12:00 noon the following day.
A 20% discount will be offered to guests of wedding ceremonies held at the hotel.

Suite Room

The spacious living room comes with a mantelpiece that creates a luxurious atmosphere.
Send your precious time relaxing in this deluxe suite room prepared specially for you.

Twin and double rooms

A writing desk and beds are nicely arranged in a space that exudes gentle color tone,creating ambience for guests to relax as if they were in their own home.

Single room

A long, spacious sofa is provided in all single room, and the writing desk is spacious enough for guests to use.
ALL room are furnished with a complete array to amenities.